July 6, 2024 – Honolulu, Hawaii: Kalihi Elementary School recently experienced a wonderful transformation thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Rotary Clubs of Hickam Pearl Harbor and Metropolitan Honolulu. This community service project aimed to enhance the school's environment by installing colorful decals on the steps and floors, instilling pride and joy in the students.

John Hamilton, Kalihi Elementary School Principal, had expressed a desire to add more decals around the campus to create a more vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Stepping up to the challenge, Eugene Price, a dedicated member of the Metro Rotary Club, volunteered to produce and install the decals, continuing his tradition of supporting the school.

The project saw enthusiastic participation from members of both Rotary clubs. Volunteers included Allen, Lynn, Molly, and Annie from Hickam Pearl Harbor, as well as Tavia, Preston, Suea, Hannah, Dr. Kalei, Sherilyn, and Amber from Dynamic Healing Center. Bill from Honolulu Sunrise also joined in, adding more helping hands to the effort. Metro Club members Eugene, Brenda, Sharon, Nick, Sean, and Seth were integral to the success of the project.

The project was a great success, thanks to the overwhelming number of volunteers. This surplus allowed a small crew to undertake an additional task of removing tall grass near the steps, significantly improving the school's appearance. The principal was particularly pleased with this unexpected bonus.

Allen Kamemoto, Hickam Pearl Harbor Rotary Club member who coordinated the volunteers, shared his thoughts: " It was a team effort, and I’m grateful for everyone who participated."

Dr. Annie Anderson from Dynamic Healing Center and a member of Hickam Pearl Harbor said, "This project was a perfect example of how community collaboration can create beautiful changes. I enjoyed every moment and look forward to more opportunities to serve."

This project is a testament to the spirit of Rotary—Service Above Self. It highlights how different clubs can come together to make a significant impact in their local communities. The colorful decals are now a permanent reminder to the students of Kalihi Elementary that their community cares about them and their learning environment.

The Rotary Clubs are proud of their members and the positive difference they continue to make. If you wish to be part of such impactful projects, please join us and help bring more smiles and pride to our schools and communities.

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