Posted on Apr 20, 2017
The 51st club of District 5000 was inducted by DG Clint Schroeder on April 20, 2017. 
On Thursday, April 20th, the 51st club was welcomed into District 5000 by DG Clint Schroeder. HPH President, Tim Cashdollar, started the meeting with a ring of the bell that was donated by sponsor club Honolulu Sunset and all 20 chartered members were welcomed and inducted as the newest Rotarians in District 5000.
Official charter date for Rotary Club Hickam Pearl Harbor is March 22, 2017. 
Charter members include:
  1. Timothy Cashdollar, President
  2. Joshua Laguana, President-elect
  3. Kelly Hardee Wheeler, Secretary
  4. Nikolaus Treziok, Treasurer
  5. Allen Kamemoto
  6. Carole Reynolds
  7. Karen Sawicki
  8. LaToya High
  9. Leslie Curtis
  10. Mylene Reyes
  11. Vernon Wheeler
  12. Benjamin Mathieu
  13. Lisa Jensen
  14. Jan Duncan
  15. Dennis Smith
  16. Emilie Smith
  17. Christopher Stingone
  18. Andrew Lanning
  19. Christine Lanning
  20. Amber Treziok