Posted on Mar 08, 2018
The Hawaiian Humane Society understands the challenges pet owners can face when moving. Pet-friendly housing is in short supply. Shipping animals out of state can be expensive and complicated.
While these barriers to keeping our furry family members are real, abandoning an animal is both illegal and inhumane. Safe surrender gives your pet his or her best chance at a new life in a loving home. 
The Hawaiian Humane Society was founded in 1883 by King Kalakaua, the only Humane Society in the United States founded by Royalty. 
According to Hawaii Revised Statue (711-1109.7), it is unlawful for the owner or any person in possession of any pet animal to desert a pet animal. Pet Desertion is a petty misdemeanor and subject to a fine of up to $1,000 in addition to any other penalties. It is a real problem in Hawaii and with the help of the Hawaiian Humane Society, it can be avoided. 
There are usually good intentions when adopting a pet, however the challenges of owning a pet in Hawaii can be difficult if not thought out thoroughly. For example, there is a lack of pet friendly housing. Before adopting, ensure that your home allows pets. When in doubt, speak to your Property Manager or individual that is familiar with your home's pet policy. For families that are in the Hawaiian Islands temporarily, ensure that you are aware of the cost for taking your furry friend with you when moving.
The Hawaiian Humane Society cares for all animals that are up for adoption for as long as it takes them to find a home. They do not discriminate based on breed, age or appearance. The admissions office accepts all animals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
Whether you are looking to adopt, foster a pet, volunteer, or need assistance with placing your pet into a new loving home, the Hawaiian Humane Society offers many resources for pet lovers. Visit for more details or call (808) 356-2200 to learn more about their services. 
The No Pet Left Behind presentation was given to the Rotary Club of Hickam Pearl Harbor on Thursday, March 8, 2018 by Public Policy Advocate, Stephanie Kendrick.