Recap of our District 5000 efforts to support the Kahauiki Project by Allen Kamemoto.
I hope that everyone has a nice Thanksgiving this weekend and enjoy time with family and friends.  
I just wanted to recap our District 5000 efforts to support the Kahauiki Project.  On Veteran's Day a group of 25 Rotarians and friends and families came together to collect household items from donors, assemble them and distribute them to the 36 residents that are moving in to Kahauiki's third increment.  In addition, portable shelving units were assembled and installed in the new units because as many of you know, the units don't have any closets to store their clothes and also their food items.
The group was so successful in accomplishing their tasks, that we also did some weeding, resulting in 5 large trash bags of green waste. Another organization was scheduled to do the December 15 move in of 30 residents, but that fell through and I will have to schedule another welcome kit distribution.  Thankfully, with a donation from an outside donor and the remaining items for the welcome kits, we do not have to seek donations, but I do need help collecting, assembling, and distributing the kits.  The event will be from 8:00-noon, December 15th.  I know that it's a Sunday and the church goers will not be able to make it, but I am asking those that can, to participate in this simple task.  I have another club lined up to do the assembling, since they helped out at the Veteran's Day activity, but any kind of help from our club would be nice.
Please let me know if you can attend.
D5000 Kahauiki Volunteer Coordinator