Posted by Allen Kamemoto on Apr 25, 2018
The most recent update from Allen Kamemoto about the Kahauiki Project. For more information, contact Allen.
I visited the landscape architect’s office yesterday to get input on how the project is going, but he was on vacation, but his boss indicated that they are getting more trees purchased by AUW, but didn’t know the time frame.
I dropped by the project this morning and the plantings are taking root quite nicely!  I happened to see some people go in the IHS office, so I invited myself in.  The head of the IHS, Connie Mitchell was there, with Sam Kakazu, a former educator and someone knowledgeable about agriculture, waiting for a meeting, so I picked their brains as to what our concerns were.  Here’s what I got—someone is watering the area, and the guy was just told to water the potted ground cover that we should be planting next.  The suggestion of using a weed blocker to lay down before the top soil was added was noted, and he said he got on board after it was laid down.  They will do that for the next increment.  There will be a big event on May 15th, with some Future Farmers of America students (FFA) helping with the gardens that the residents will start, along with our planned continuation of the installation of ground cover.
They also had a meeting with the residents last week and trying to develop a working relationship with the residents so they will start coming in to help with the work and teach them what they need to do to enhance their units.  I also noticed that hose bibs and hoses have been installed so they have been watering their own plants.
Anyway, just a heads up so all the regular participants can start planning for this.  I am waiting for Kirk Hovious to contact me for more details, and I will disseminate when I get it.  
Allen Kamemoto