Posted on Dec 14, 2017
Looks like we have completed our painting part of our assignment!
From Kirk Hovious:


I wanted to express my appreciation for all you and the fellow Rotarians from your clubs did over the past few weeks at Kahauiki.  It was amazing to watch the transformation of these buildings as we worked to get them ready for the families.


Because of all the hard work, we were able to turn over units 1 - 8 as "completed" yesterday.  There are still a few touch ups needed and we will handle those this Thursday, but overall they were ready for the next phase. 


When I did a walk thru with Les at the end of the day he was very impressed with what Rotary had accomplished!  He did note the attention to detail...thank you Janice!!


Please share my appreciation with the other members of your Clubs who participated.


We will keep moving forward with Units 9 - 12 next Saturday and Sunday and hopefully meet the goal 20 families moving in by Christmas.


One last thing...please come as my guests to one of our meetings if you have time some Tuesday.  I would love to introduce you both to our members and share with them how much we can accomplish when Rotarians work together.