Book your Hawaiian Airline flights through the District's Preferred Affiliate Program Reservation site! Get the lowest available Hawaiian Airlines web fare and on top of that, the District earns 1 Hawaiian Mile for every $1 spent. 
We have partnered with Hawaiian Airlines to provide a discount for travel between Hawaii and many of the international and mainland destinations.
This is a win-win situation: you get the lowest available Hawaiian Airlines web fare and the District earns 1 Hawaiian Mile for every $1 spent. Purchases must be made via the Affiliate Website.  
Here are the benefits of doing your reservation with our special link for District 5000 Rotarians:
  1. You get the lowest available Hawaiian Airlines web fare.
  2. You use the convenient online access with a variety of fare and itinerary options.
  3. It's a completely electronic process.
  4. Rotary District 5000 will earn 1 HawaiianMile for every $1 spent via this special link.
  5. You will earn flight credit in your individual HawaiianMiles account too.
  6. And for a limited time, HAL is offering District 5000 Rotarians a 5% discount on transpacific web fares! 5% Off applies to flights between SEA, PDX, SMF, OAK, SFO, SJC, LAX, SAN, PHX, LAS, JFK and Hawaii.
To start saving and traveling, visit the Rotary Hawaiian Air Discount site.
Thank you for supporting the District by using this program to book your Hawaiian Airlines Flights!!
Mahalo to our Club Sponsors