On a drizzly Saturday morning, the spirit of community service outshone the weather at Kalihi Elementary School, where volunteers gathered for a campus beautification project. Despite the slight rain that kissed Kalihi Valley, 29 determined individuals came together, undeterred, to enhance the school grounds, fostering pride among students and staff alike.

The initiative, led by the Rotary Club of Hickam Pearl Harbor and Kalihi Elementary’s new Principal John Hamilton, aimed to clear overgrown shrubbery from the chain link fence along the freeway. This small yet significant action was supported by a collaborative effort from Rotary Club members and local volunteers, including a dedicated group of Kamehameha School students and members of the Junior Enlisted Association.

The event was a testament to the power of collective effort. While Rotary Club members from Hickam Pearl Harbor and Honolulu Sunrise brought tools and hands-on support, it was the Kamehameha School students from Pencils to People, a non-profit organization, arriving early at 7:00 AM, who truly carried the day. By 10:00 AM, thanks to their head start and the spread of groups along the fence, the task was complete.

The successful project culminated with a casual gathering, where pizzas -- sponsored by RotaryHPH -- fueled conversations and connections among the diverse group of volunteers. It was a moment to acknowledge each other's contributions and reaffirm their shared commitment to the community.

For further details on this example of service above self, and to learn how you can participate in future projects, please visit rotaryhph.org/events

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