Waianae Mountains Watershed Partnership
Oct 11, 2018 6:00 PM
Yumi K. Miyata
Waianae Mountains Watershed Partnership


Working together to protect, restore, and enhance the Waianae Mountains watersheds while incorporating traditional, cultural and community values for future generations.


The overall goal of the Wai‘anae Mountains Watershed Partnership (WMWP) is to cooperatively develop and implement management strategies for the Wai‘anae Mountains, mauka to makai.  The partnership will bring people together to responsibly manage watershed areas, native species and their habitats, and historical, cultural and socio-economic resources for all who benefit from the continued health of all of the Wai‘anae Mountains ahupua‘a.

Current projects

USFWS Schoolyard Habitat – building and maintaining Oahu Public School Nurseries at Mililani Middle School, Kapolei High School, Pearl City High School, Nanakuli High School and Waianae High for the purpose of introducing native plant species to school campuses and reforestation in Oahu’s forested Watershed
Forest Service State and Private Forestry Grant – Waianae Kai fire presuppression, reforestation and ungulate control.
Aerial Imagery Weed Mapping and Control