Oct 21, 2021 6:00 PM
District Governor Sandy Matsui
District 5000 Governor Visit

District 5000 Governor, Sandy Matsui Rotary Club of Kaneohe

Sandy’s past Rotary positions include Assistant Governor, District Secretary, District Trainer, and of course, the Past President of RC Kaneohe. In the 1980’s, while Sandy was living in the US mainland, she had the desire to join Rotary, however at the time Rotary was not yet ready for women. In 1992, after moving to Hawaii and attending a few Rotary events, she received the invitation to join the Rotary Club of Kaneohe. That’s right! She’s still in the club that she originally started with.

Sandy joined Rotary for networking reasons, along with connecting with and serving the community. Sandy remains in Rotary because her club became her family. They took care of Sandy over the many, many years where now, Rotary is her social and family network. Through thick and thin, the Rotary Club of Kaneohe has been there for her.

After 28 years in Rotary, Sandy finally went on an International Service project to Bali with PDG, Eric Kaler and it changed her life. Seeing the impact of Rotary first hand in Bali gave Sandy a better appreciation of the work that Rotarians do throughout the world.

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